Connor Paddon and Gerald Barja Toronto Scam Artists

Connor Paddon & Gerald Barja Toronto Fraudsters Current CEO and owner of appointment scheduling software. He is currently located in and works around Burlington and Toronto.

Where it started
in late-2014,  I successfully won an auction for $11,000 on Flippa : Essentially, I was buying a full SEO business - a site which ranked highly for various keywords like "seo los angeles" "affordable seo in los angeles", etc.
So the site would generate its own leads, and I could then offer my SEO services to those leads coming through the site.
I did all my due diligence, the domain and website was transferred. You'll note it was some time ago, nevertheless, it was not so straightforward. An extremely crucial part (which is said in this listing) "Maintaining rankings.I will personally work on the SEO campaign for the first 6 months after the sale for free to ensure that the website doesn't drop at all in ran…